Kundalini Yoga Timer App

A Kundalini Yoga Timer App


The Sat Nam Time App has special features for Kundalini yoga teachers and students.

White Design

Clean, white design, perfect for Kundalini Yogis who know the benefits of working with white

Sat Nam Mantra

Sat Nam is printed in Gurmukhi directly underneath the time

Hands Free Timer

No need to come out of your Kriya or Meditation to stop the timer, choose to have timer ring 1, 2 or 3 times

Kundalini Yoga Timer App

Zen Alarm Tones

Choose from several options of Bells, Gongs and other zen alarm tones

Restart and Reset

Continue to work with the same time setting or easily reset the time

Silent Option

Silent option allows teachers to play music for classes and use a timer without interrupting the music

"I created this app to have a simple and elegant timer to use for my daily Sadhna."

iPhone Release Notice

We are currently working on the iPhone version of this app!

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Sat Nam!

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